Healthy Lifestyle Resources


The Ultimate "Deskercise" Routine (Healthline)

A collection of easy to follow tutorials to work out those computer kinks!

Extreme Heat (Government of Canada)

An excellent overview on the effects of heat exposure and safety tips you can follow.


How to Stay Healthy During Cold & Flu Season (Dr. Axe)

Tips & tricks to help you stay healthy during the cold & flu season. Plus, ways to treat when you do get sick.

Avoiding Back Pain or Injury When Shoveling (Alberta Chiro)

Take 30 seconds to learn these important snow shovelling tips for keeping your back healthy and injury free!


Motivated (Podcast by ABC Radio)

Motivated is an upbeat podcast for people who simply want to learn more about health, nutrition, and wellness. During the episodes, Schiavocampo interviews fitness experts and doctors about interesting health trends.