“It feels good to be kneaded!”


Our mission at Kneaded Touch Massage Therapy is to help you in your journey to optimal health. We do this through treatment, education, the cultivation of therapeutic relationships and referrals where appropriate. We aim to have you feeling the very best that you can.


To help you to achieve optimal health, we focus on massage therapies that will bring about:

  • Healing
  • Flexibility
  • Overall muscle health
  • Decreasing tone (for tight muscles)
  • Postural awareness/alignment
  • Your ability to breath deeply

We will teach you exercises where appropriate and when we encounter any roadblocks that we feel could be addressed by other practitioners, we will make referrals and/or other suggestions.  


We aim to have you feeling the very best that you can!


All massage therapists at Kneaded Touch continually strive for excellence. Each therapist has completed their studies in a recognized institute where they were required to complete over 2200 hours of training. They also continue to take courses to ensure that they are continually learning. Everyone has their own treatment style and interests.


Looking for a specific treatment or style? Please view our staff page. Therapists are listed by the location where they practice and the types of massage performed is listed at the top of each therapist’s bio. If you have questions, feel free to contact one of the clinics to assist you.

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